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Throwback Thursday, Educational Edition:
The History of Malaria

#TBT #MalariaNoMore #EndMalaria #MalariaMustDie
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WANTED: Humankind’s oldest and deadliest killer. The mosquito! Check out this new animated video from the creators of Wallace and Gromit detailing the history of this ancient disease. Share and hel...

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Mosquitoes don’t discriminate when they bite, but that doesn't mean malaria isn't a women's issue. Pregnant women are four times more likely to suffer from malaria than other adults. Learn more about the fight against malaria at ... See MoreSee Less

Mosquitoes don’t discriminate when they bite, but that doesn't mean malaria isn't a women's issue. #IWD2018 via Malaria No More

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Similar to mosquitoes, ticks are vectors of disease. While still extremely serious, mosquito-borne disease only affects a few thousand people in the United States each year, while tick-borne disease afflicts tens of thousands. Dissimilar to mosquitoes, ticks don't bite and then carry on their way. With beak-like projections that plunge into the skin of their host, ticks will stay attached to a single host for as long as weeks at a time.

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Regular barrier protection sprays are the best method for repelling ticks and other outdoor pests. On average, our sprays take less than an hour to apply and cure, and a single Mosquito Squad spray treatment will protect your family for up to 21 days from potentially dangerous ticks. We offer a variety of packages including custom plans to fit your specific needs. We also back each and every treatment with our no hassle, 100% money back guarantee.

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a tick we recovered from a property in houston, TX

Lyme Disease

Named after the town in Connecticut in which it was first found, Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne disease in the United States, being diagnosed in all states except Hawaii. There are nearly 30,000 cases reported by the Centers for Disease Control each year. If caught early, Lyme disease responds well to a variety of antibiotics. Unfortunately, Lyme is not the easiest disease to diagnose. The telltale bull’s eye rash is only one of the many symptoms of Lyme, which also includes fever, fatigue and joint pain.


Although it does affect humans, ehrlichiosis is most commonly found in deer and dogs. The bacteria kills white blood cells causing headaches, fatigue and aches. Luckily, ehrlichiosis is treated with a series of antibiotics.